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Lifting the tone...

Well a little. Thank you to those brave enough to share your indulging stories and for the tutorial request. Ask and it's yours. Following is how I do this, there are other ways and some of you may read this tutorial and snort to yourselves and mutter under your breath "THAT's not how you make tissue holders"....well it's how I make them :) so far no complaints.

I decided Ducky and Kodak will receive a tissue holder. Both great stories, but Kodak's contact lens story is a doozy.

My technique is the "Lazy Ass Bastard" method, or LAB™ for short.

First up, I'm all about templates for patterns, especially small crafty projects that I'll make more than once. I love adhering patterns to strawboard, makes it so much easier to place your pattern onto the fabric, trace with your chalk and then cut out.

So, for my version of the tissue holder, I've cut a template that's 6 inches x 7 inches. Why inches you Aussies ask? My cutting matt and quilt ruler work inches so it's just easier to go with inches.


Pick your outer fabric, trace and cut out slightly larger than the template. I also like to use a midweight fabric, just a personal preference. I also like to make more than one at a time, it's quicker.

Next up, I usually line my holders with a 100% linen in a cream colour. Don't cut your lining just yet, grab yourself some double-sided fusible interfacing, place your outer fabric pieces onto this and iron them in place. Let the fabric cool and then place these outer pieces onto your inner lining fabric. Iron away. Make sure you iron the edges well.


Now, grab your template, pinking shears or your rotary blade and cut out the 6" x 7".


Next up, add some trim to the 6" long edges. Be creative. Or don't add any trim at all, up to you. You can at this point place your trim so it hides the pinking shear edge, if you have pinking sheared. You don't necessarily have to use pinking shears as the fabric is fused it shouldn't fray too much, maybe a little at the beginning.



Find the centre point on the 7inch edge and mark on the inside with chalk. Then fold in your 6inch edges to meet this point and pin in place.


Sew across the short edges. I like to oversew the opening to strengthen the stitching.


Trim any excess fabric from the seams and cut your corners at diagonals.


I use the brand pictured below for stuffing the holders.


Turn out the tissue holder and push out the corners.



Voila. Completed holder. Easy peasy. Some more finished holders here.

I've cross-posted this tutorial over at whipup.

The IV's retreat? Went something like this, eat > talk > knit > talk knit > read knitting books by EZ > movie > eat more > talk > take photo's of someone napping > knit > movie > knit > nap > take more unflattering photo's of the nap > eat > knit > massage > eat talk > nap > knit > movie > talk > knit.

Finally, for your viewing amusement via Flickr blog, cats who lounge. Classic!

For you Mac users, signup to encourage Apple to create greener Macs!

Long weekend here in sunny WA, lots of sewing to do, must finish Petite 6.5's shower gift especially since she's due any day now. I'm also due a new handbag but have been thinking and procrastinating over it. Anyhow, have a great weekend!


You're back! The last post didn't completely terrify or disgust you. Phew ;)

As you're reading this I'm knitting by the sea hanging with my knitting posse. Kicking back,
watching EZ knitting DVD's, eating yummy food and having general all round fun.


It's become a bit of a tradition for Emma to give us pressies at these retreats. We don't expect it, well we try not to expect it, and we're all very appreciative. This time us IV's decided to surprise Em. We bought one of Auntie Cookie's illustrations. They're very cool and this one came with a piece of matching fabric so we could use it when framing. I'm happy with the way this has turned out. Hopefully Em will love it.

I also decided to give the IV's a little treat and it also gave me an excuse to make tissue holders, something I've been wanting to do for ages. If enough of  you comment letting me know you'd like a tutorial for my version of the tissue holder you'll be granted your wish! I'll also give away a tissue holder to the most entertaining spew or overindulging story posted as a comment, yep, you have to publicy humiliate yourselves as well. If you want to see bigger pics of the holders, off you go.

Florence Broadhurst print, all lined with cream linen

Vintage fabric from Katey, part of my back-tack3

Amy Butler

Part of tea towel I used for a little bird's BT3

Finally, here's a sneak peak at part of something going to a Petite bebe...still got a little more sewing to do. Have a great weekend!

Well, hello there

Yeah, I'm here, in case y'all been wondering. The virus thing has a hold of me and I've been tired and a little uninspired. Yeah, yeah, I'm a poet. I've also been working on a petite's shower gift, I'm WAY behind, but I have friends privileges so it'll get there soon.

You might hear from me again this week, though probably not! I'm off with the IV's this weekend for our bi-annual retreat before Emma gives birth to her 3rd (yes, you heard correctly), 3rd SON. Lord help her and us ;)


I have one finished WIP. Fetchings from Summer 2006 knitty. Sweet little quick knit fix, 1 skein Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Very nice. Knit magic loop. All about the loop these days.

New to me blogs - Brooklyn Tweed, check out his photography! And Entwinements, a shibori blog. Also, Lisa's posted some pictures of her exhibition work, loving it all and Mav's guest blogging at DesignSponge guest blog this week.

Some of you mumbled in the comments from the last post that I can yabber on about falling a over t but don't give the spew details....hey, I'm all for sharing and I have a doozie of a spew story. You really want to hear it though? I'm not sure we're really ready for it at this time in our bloggysphere relationship. It could be a deal breaker, you could unsubscribe me from your bloglines. Really, you want to hear? Really! OK. Well, for those of you that are revolted by such stories, off you go, the rest of you sickos read on behind the cut. EDIT - Darn it, "behind the cut" doesn't work in RSS feeds, you're warned... :)

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Everybody was kung-FO fighting.

Slaying UFO's around here, just cutting them down left and right Jedi style. Well the knitted UFO's anyhow, *cough* let's not talk about the sewing UFO's.


First up, Sweet Mary Janes. Knitted in Kureyon, 2 balls. Can't remember pattern details, except that it was a nice pattern and a very quick knit. I also knitted them on 2 circ's, can't deal with DPN's. I've had these bebe's finished for over a month, just needed to finish the crochet edge on one of them and attach the kitty buttons. I'm loving the kitty buttons and Noro just have a knack for variegated yarns. Loving it.


Here's the pattern and the KAL.


Next up my rockin' socks. Knitted in Socks that Rock, Hard Rock. Using Craftaholic's chart, I then fudged the pattern together, figure of 8 cast on 2.5mm two circular's, toeup, with short row heels. No "heel flap" which I'm not sure how I feel. I do like the short row heels, very neat. I like the finished feel of the STR yarn, however it's a much firmer knit than Lorna's or CTH. I usually use 2.5mm as my tension is tight on circular's, but I could have gone down to a 2mm I reckon for these. Excuse this picture, I'll try and get you a clearer one for another post.

"Eating your way through the petting zoo"

Warning - post mentions the eating of small cute critters, don't read on if you find this offensive.

Yep, Alison's comment had me laughing and squirming at the same time, after I'd mentioned the itty bitty bunny rack I was presented with on Saturday night.

As you can see from the menu below there was a lot of challenging foods on this menu. Lots of firsts for me, rabbit, black pudding, pigeon (including pigeon LEG meat, we were told), pork belly and oxtail. Yep, the petting zoo. I'm not even going to try and wax lyrical about the food, let's just say it was a roller coaster of foodie tastes and surprises and some delicious New Zealand Sauv Blanc, heavy on the passionfruit, just the way I like it.


The only one I really struggled with was the black pudding, but I think it was a texture thing. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Perth however I was a little disappointed with the timing of our dego. Something went squiffy and we started off well, then there was this lapse and then all of a sudden a flurry of dishes, bang, bang, bang. What you don't see on the menu is we also opted for the additional 3 chef's choices. I can't even remember what they were, though they were delicious. We started at 8pm and finished after 12pm!

Excuse the flash on the bunny below, the lighting was very low and I had to resort to flash to share the itty bitty ribs with you guys. One of the ribs could fit whole inside my mouth, for scale :)


When we arrived this is what greeted us, bunches of cutlery. This wasn't all of it, we needed additional cutlery at some point. It was a fun night with my knitting buddies, I reckon something like this should be done annually, you guys agree?




de·gus·ta·tion - The act or function of tasting. The sense of taste.

It's been a while since I've really enjoyed food. Probably due to being single and having to cook for one is not quite the same as cooking for 2. Aside from my usual local eateries that generally have no surprises I haven't had any fine dining for a while.

This weekend's turning out to be quite a fine dining experience. Tomorrow night I'm off with the IV's to one of Perth's finest restaurants, Jacksons. We're booked in for the "dego", tasting menu. Wanna peak? Here you go. 3 of us are going the full hog and the other 2 are doing the vego dego (one's preggers, she has an excuse). Mightily looking forward to this.

Tonight Gillian's taking Paul and I to Tsunami. Spoilt rotten. AND then tomorrow morning Kate and I are off for breakfast at Milk'D. I think by the time Sunday rolls around, or I roll into Sunday, I'll be well fed.

Oh, crafting. You want to know about crafting. This week's been a little quiet on the craft front. The socks are coming along nicely, I have lots of sewing in my head, but not a lot of productivity at the moment. I have the yarn to make me some Fetching's, but yet to start.

I'll also be doing some reorganising and spring cleaning around here on the weekend. There's a few cobwebs and it's been ages since I changed the banner. I'll let you know when it's ready for those of you using a feed.

Have a great weekend and if you get the chance go and see the film "Junebug", excellent viewing. There's a song that plays in the opening and ending credits that I'm having trouble finding and buying as a single mp3, it's by Syreeta and it's called "Harmour Love". She was briefly married to Stevie Wonder in the 70's and he wrote this song. It's in my head. If anyone has any ideas feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.

See it and weep....

Hey IV's how you all going on your clapotis? Hey? Hey? Yeah, I know what you're gonna say, "I've got kids,  you don't" well, phewy to you gals! LOL, I'm just giddy because, one I actually finished an IV knit and two (most importantly) I finished FIRST.

Ummm, *kicks foot in dirt*, however in my excitement to try and photograph her I aaah locked my keys in the car....with the car running, on a work day! Hilarious now, but not at the time! Let's just say we hadn't eaten breakfast and had a sudden rush of poop to the brain.


The verdict, she's lovely. Lovely to wear, lovely yarn, bit of a ballbreaker to knit, ie monotonous AND I finished her with only metres of yarn left, Alison M actually ran out of yarn with six rows to go and managed to scrape through with ends. So a little warning to anyone knitting the clap with the lion and lamb...Also if I'd considered it further I would have made her a couple of inches narrower and longer, just how I like to wear my scarves, I won't wear her as a shawl. I'd like to knit her again with sock yarn or Koigu, something like that. It is an excellent pattern.

it had to happen


We couldn't be the IV's and not knit, THE KNIT, you know the one. The clap. Clapotis, pronounced clapotee. Probably THE most knitted pattern from knitty. I've been itching for ages to knit one. So I've got my 3 skeins of lion and lamb in black purl, my 5mm addi's and my clover stitch markers, I figure this knit's gotta have the all the branded gear.

I'm in the early stages, but I'm loving the yarn, loving the addi's and the pattern, well Kate is genius. She is an excellent pattern designer and I really look forward to seeing what she produces in the future.

If you stick clapotis into flickr you get over 700 pics back! Insanity.

Itchy vulva's whipped up and back-tacked...

Wow, thanks to those of you that've signed up for BT3, that was very quick and a little scary! Alison had an eagle eye on the emails coming in thick and fast, all signed up within 1.5hours approx. Phew.

I'm on leave this week so I was snoring my head off whilst you guys were signing up, then I forgot the signups were THIS morning and had an "oh crap am I supposed to be doing something moment"...But all is well!

We had the IV's retreat this weekend. It's our third year in a row and it's more and more fun each time. Our namesake Madge and her vag couldn't make it, however she sent a massuese over with a massage chair and we had a 20 minute massage each. Heaven. Thanks Madge.

The food was excellent, nutritious and trashy, perfect. Rob made an excellent kedigree, I've never had kedigree before and hers was delish. It was salmon, egg and yummy spices like cumin, tumeric and garam masala (I think!). Perfect. Em made homemade icecream. I whipped up a chicken and corn soup for lunch and Gayle cooked terrific eggs sunday morning.

Knitting, yes there was knitting. I took 4 projects but worked on one only. My Rosy that's about 2 years old now. I've just about finished, I hope to block and sew her up this week. Even though the cotton angora sheds like mad, I love it. It's so soft and squidgy. Glad the weather's turning cool here.

We also had books. Em bought along the Happy Hooker, One Skein and a couple of other's I can't remember. One Skein has my number. Excellent projects and interesting too, not at all what I expected. Definitely one for my personal collection. I bought along Jeffrey Yamaguchi's 52 Projects, he kindly had sent a review copy. Excellent book for creating your own projects. I particularly like the little side projects on the edges of the pages. One was to write a letter to you 64 (I think that's correct) year old self, my version would be on the 1st of each year write myself a letter and post it to myself, then on the 31'st of December open it and read it. Would be interesting to see how the year has progressed. You could write a list of goals that you'd like to achieve, or make it about fitness or creativity. Up to you. I think I'll try it next year. Alternatively you could do it on your birthday each year.

Oh and can you believe this?! I rang 3 local video stores wanting to know which Doris Day films they had available....EVERYONE I spoke to didn't know who Doris Day was! Now they all did sound like they were born in the 1980's or 90's but still. I still cannot get over this, Emma was even asked to spell Doris, LOL. So no Doris fest at the retreat.

AND Whip Up's WHIPLASH is starting later this week. You game enough to try? Go on, great prizes to be won.


You wanna see some pictures from the weekend? Here you go.






Yes, yes, I know the google hits I'm going to get with that title!

Is your vulva itchy?

We met, we ATE, we knit, we drank killer mango daiquiri, we watched some classics and some of us had wind, some didn't. One of us got to poop in our pants, get cuddled and cooed at all weekend. Some of us made icecream (thank you Em), cooked dinner (thanks me) and cooked breakfast TWICE, not once but TWICE (thanks Rob) for everyone. AND Em made us all the best gift bags, stuffed with lots of goodies. You can't quite read it on her blog, but the label on the bag says "does my vulva look itchy in this".

Mango daiquiri.

IV Retreat 05 - THE daiquiri

Me, after several daiquiri, me who rarely drinks. What's with the pouting?!

IV Retreat 05 - After a few daiquiri

Sunset view over the ocean from the apartment.

IV Retreat 05 - Sunset

But noone had an itchy vulva. Varicose veins, but no itch. But that's a whole other story! More pics at flickr.

Go on over and visit Amanda and congratulate her on the birth of her lovely new daughter.

Something to keep you amused...

If you're reading this it's Friday (well, where I am it is!) and I'm not working today. I'm out fabric browsing I'm sending out back-tack matchups :) it'll take me a couple of hours and it's nice to be at home in peace just sitting and doing and not being distracted (Doughman is lovely, but he often wants to chat when I'm on the computer and I can't afford to make mistakes, trust me ;) ), having a chai and packing for the IV's annual retreat. We spend the weekend from Friday evening (or if you're fortunate like Emma and I from FriDAY) until Sunday morning in an apartment overlooking the beach knitting, eating, watching films and chatting. Just hanging out and having a big old knit. These guys are hardcore. It's wake up at 6am for some of them and start knitting! Mad I tell you. Emma's going to crack open her new icecream maker for a chai icecream making session, I'm cooking Jamie Oliver's fish pie, Robynne's cookin' up a breakfast, Madge is on snacks and Gayle's gonna bake up something sweet. Oh and I'm on mango daiquiri duty :)

To keep you entertained whilst I'm gone please do check out Stuff on my Cat, EVEN if you don't like cats, go and see, you'll enjoy.

I finished another kitty. This one was meant for me but she's gone and traded herself, hussy! I'll just make another. I love this fabric, so cute. I also like the french knots for her eyes. She's made from a wool fabric, with bone shaped wool felt accessories. Her dress is lined with silk.

doggy kitty

I'd like to also introduce our neighbour, Spooky. Spooky is the cuddly cat that Spud isn't. I love Spud, but he's no lap cat. Spooky's the kind of kitty that'll crawl into your lap and bury his head in your armpit (yes, your armpit) and start purring and eventually snoring. He's a lovely kitty. He and Spud play paws through the back door so I thought it was time they met. Not tooo bad. No hissy or freaking out like cats can, also good considering Spooky was in Spud's house. Hmmmm good excuse for me to get another kitty. This pic was a "stick the camera under the table with the flash on and see what happens". So I didn't see that Spooky was about to get a face full of flash and I had no idea what Spud was up to. Very cute.

spud n spooky

Have a great weekend.


Checkerboard0305As mentioned previously, the IV's next knit a long is themed "Games". Here's the progress on my checker board. I'm further along than this picture shows and am now working on the back. I want to finish this, this week. It's been my first go at intarsia and probably a good project for first attempt as it's very simple (bit like me as Em would say, but in the nicest possible way).

By jove I think she got it!

Tonight the IV's got together. Mainly for social, chatting reasons. But also to decide on our next knit a long. We're still waiting for confirmation on our knitted teacup sets so we'll move on until they arrive.

We decided that as it was getting more difficult to get an agreed consensus (and we all have quite different tastes) that we'd take turns choosing a theme. Our theme for the next knit a long is "Games" (obviously knitted). There's the obvious choice of the Knitty pattern, Robynne suggested a knitted snakes and ladders and that got me thinking. I've never done intarsia so this could be my chance. We have a two month time frame to complete our project.

Cupcakefeb05_1 Hang on, I got side tracked. By jove, I made cupcakes. Not only did they taste good, they looked great (well, none of the IV's went "what the f*#k are they?!). Check it out! Most pleased with myself. I'm going to let myself loose on bookclub next week and make red velvet cupcakes. Might even break out the piping bag.


Fourseasonsteacup Our next IV knit-a-long is going to be a tea cup. Nutty but fun. Knit on 1.75mm dpn's in 3 count perle cotton. WHY?! Because we can. Perfect project for M whilst she's breast feeding at 3am...

An IV Christmas

The IV's met up on Saturday at Leaf for tea and lunch. It was also a form of baby shower for Miss M. We'd been having a sneaky knit-a-long and knitted her a toy. You wouldn't know we'd all used the same pattern. It was funny. We also had a knitted Christmas decoration swap. They all looked great! Lovely afternoon.

Christknit_saycheese_5 Christknit_dolls1 Christknit_dolls2_2 Christknit_knitted_1 Christknit_coconutcake_1


I haven't really blogged about this bag. The IV's current project is the "Kemp" bag from Simply Noro. I like the bag pattern. It's a little different from your average bag and quite large for a knitted handbag. The yarn, Blossom, is quite rustic and has quite eclectic colourways. I wouldn't mind a knitted garment in this yarn. I didn't like the pattern's handles so I did two i-cords, which are a little stretchy but I think they'll hang in there. I changed the flower detail and decided a crochet flower was in order.

The IV's met up last night and I was the only one finished (unusual). I did rush this a bit as I've got a birthday pressie to knit and also want to get some knitting in for the Man-a-long. I'm dragging my heals. Then there's Christmas cards to make and some baking for the silly season.

Kemp_blocking Kemp_blossom_closeup Kemp_lining Kemp_finished


I don't know about you, but I'm a little disturbed about this and slightly amused (no offence).

How did I come across this? I was doing some research to create a button for the IV's and this was one of Google's responses. Since I'm on the subject of vulva's I also stumbled across vulva puppets, amulets and a very funny article.



Kureyonalison_1 Sp2birthdaycard Sp2birthday

It's great having craft buddies. Alison and I did a yarn swap and she generously sent me TWO skeins of Kureyon in 115. Noice, noice, unusual.

My SP2 sent me a birthday card and very cute pussy cat book mark. THANK YOU! I love them.

AND Robynne from the IV's bought be back a fairy on a stick from the Perth Royal Show. She's lovely.


Bookclubbushoct04 At bookclub this week Rhoda was wearing a great tee. I wonder if there's one for Howard?

Next book is written by a local boy (I say boy 'cause he was born in 1984 or something just as silly as that), called Rhubarb by Craig Slivey. Looks interesting.

So far this week's been great. Monday knit the IV's* met for a knit-a-long. We started a scribble months ago and it's taking some of us ages to finish ;) Our next knit is going to be a Christmas deco. Lots of laughs and fun.

Wednesday bookclub, again a great group of chicks hanging out. We're not a particularly hi-brow kind of bookclub, and we usually manage 5 minutes of talking about the book. This month we managed 15mins I reckon, which is probably the longest we've ever talked about a book the past three years. We were reviewing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon.

AND Saturday I have knitting circle at Emma's. Which will be fabulous. If I'm lucky and don't nag her too much Alison might come. Please pleasesssseee :)

*IV's - The Itchy Vulva's. At our knitting retreat we were discussing what name we could be called as a knitting group. One of us has suffered for a ridiculous number of years with an IV, another one of us is a naturopath and she prescribed something for the IV. Well lo and behold it's worked. However we've decided that we're the IV's anyhow. It has a certain ring to it.